Casperome® overview


Indenaselect® products is a group of extracts which represents the premier spectrum of botanicals. These extracts have a long history of use and strong support from modern science.

A name is a guarantee when the name invariably communicates quality and consistency. Indena uses methods developed over 90 years of pharmaceutical research and manufacturing of plant-derived active principles.

Indenaselect® represents top-quality research services in the field of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, hygienic and beauty care, and premier spectrum of botanicals, endowed with a long history of use and strong support for modern science.

Among this class of product, you can find also:


A caffeine-free, standardised extract from Green Tea leaves


Melilotus officinalis dry extract containing 17-20% coumarin


The original Bilberry standardized extract (from Vaccinium Myrtillus L.) with proven efficacy
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A highly standardised olive fruit extract


A natural remedy for the relief of urological disorders associated with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia


From Soy, a natural aid in the management of menopause-related symptoms
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